Should I Heat My Pool All Summer?

If you have a pool heater you might wonder if it is a good idea to leave it running all summer. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this. Of course you should firstly ensure you are using a good quality pool cover to conserve heat, it will then depend on:

  • The type of heater you have – a heat pump is best used for continuous heating whereas a gas heater is best for heating the pool up quickly. With a heat pump it is best to keep the pool heated unless it is not going to be used for a period.
  • Your usage pattern – If you like to swim in the early morning or late evening it will, in most locations, be more comfortable if you use the heater even in mid-summer.
  • The climate in your area – Clearly if you are in one of the hotter parts of the country heating may not be necessary all summer but of course the weather can always vary from the norm. If you have a top of the range heat pump remember that it can probably to reversed to cool the pool when required.
  • Location of the pool – The more exposed to the wind that your pool is the more heating it will require, regardless of the air temperature, as the wind causes evaporation which cools the water.
  • Your personal temperature preference – the most important point because the whole point of a pool heater is to help you enjoy the pool.


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