Raypak RP2100 Digital Heater – Tells You What Is Happening

The Raypak RP2100 was replaced by the current model, commonly known as the Raypak Digital Heater, a few years ago (but the RP2100 name is still commonly used). The popular standard range offers four power levels ranging from approx. 200 – 400k BTU for use with natural gas or propane and has an energy efficiency of 82%. The standard models have a copper heat exchanger but there is a Cupro-Nickel option to cope with adverse pool chemistry. There are also ASME approved models for non-residential applications.

As you might expect from its name the Raypak Digital Heater provides a sophisticated control panel Raypak Digital Control Paneland electronic ignition. This requires a mains electricity connection but to cover cases where this is not possible there is a Millivolt version (see Raypak Millivolt Heater) but this can only offer basic controls.

The standard models are not suitable where low NOx levels are a requirement but there are versions of this heater which are low NOx (they cost a bit more) but these are only for use with natural gas.

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This Raypak pool heater will help you enjoy your pool at any time of the year. It features a microprocessor based thermostat control.  This control allows you to set your pool temperature exactly at your preferred setting by just pressing an up or down temperature control key. The digital display lets you see a constant reading of your pool’s water temperature. You just need to set it and forget it. It is that simple.Raypak Digital Heater RP2100

Maintaining or troubleshooting this pool heater is made easy. Its diagnostic controls let you and your pool technician know what is exactly going on with the heater, all the time. If you encounter a problem with the heater, the digital display will reveal to you where the problem is. An additional benefit is that this heater is compatible with most major brand remote control systems on the market.

The Raypak Digital Heater has the best outdoor design out there in the market today. With over 50 years under their belt in building and designing gas heaters, Raypak have put all their experience into this heater design. Fans are no longer needed to prevent drafting problems, This heater was designed for the outdoors and has an exclusive low profile design. A lot of thought and planning has been put into the heater’s design so that it can protect itself from the environment and prevent itself from being smothered by  falling leaves, wind, airborne debris, rain, downdrafts, updrafts, sleet, and snow.

Raypak Digital Pool Heaters were designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and ensure uninterrupted heating performance. They are manufactured at an ISO 9001 registered manufacturing plant. The pool heaters are tested by CSA to the ANSI Z21.56 standards. This demonstrates the quality that these heaters deliver and why it is that they are one of the leaders in market. The Raypak assembly process includes six final assembly quality control checkpoints that ensure that each and every pool heater delivers its peak performance.

The standard models feature a Copper Fin Tube heat exchanger although Cupro nickel is available as an upgrade if needed. Protection against condensation,sooting and scale build-up is provided by the Unitherm Governor which balances the water temperature/flow. The heater is capable of handling a flow rate up to 125 GPM.

For most residential installations the standard Copper Fin Tube heat exchangers will be the best (and cheapest) option and the Digital Heater is definitely preferable to the Millivolt version. The heater is not “state of the art” but it does offer a lot for the price and is popular with users.

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