Why A Pool Cover Is Essential

If you are using a pool heater to heat your pool and you are not using a pool cover you are wasting a large amount of energy and money.

The majority of the heat lost by a swimming pool is through evaporation and this can be made worse by a windy location.

The rate of evaporation from an outdoor pool depends on the following factors:

  • pool temperature
  • air temperature
  • level of humidity
  • wind speed.

You can help reduce wind speed with a correctly sited windbreak but for owners of pool heaters it is an unfortunate fact that the more you heat your pool the higher the level of evaporation will be. A pool cover is therefore essential.

The key requirement for a pool Pool Covercover is that it is a vapor barrier. By minimizing evaporation a pool cover significantly reduces heating costs (Click Here for more information and to see savings by location). There are various types of pool covers from simple manual options to expensive fully automatic systems.

All pool covers will reduce solar gain (absorption of energy from the sun by the water) but “Solar Covers” are designed to minimize this and you should consider this when purchasing. However it is still best to have the pool cover in place whenever the pool is not in use.

Of course there are additional benefits to using a pool cover:

  • Reduces consumption of pool chemicals
  • Reduces need to top-up the water
  • Keeps debris out of the pool

So if you have a pool heater, or are thinking about getting one, make sure you have a good pool cover as well.

Click Here to see examples of pool covers

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