Pentair MiniMax 100 Review

Note: This heater was discontinued after the 2014 season and is no-longer available (although you can still get parts). The replacement is the Mastertemp 125 – click here for more information.

The Pentair MiniMax 100 is a high performance 100k BTU gas heater designed specifically for above ground pools and spas. There are four versions:

  • Natural gas with electronic ignition,
  • Natural gas with millivolt ignition,
  • Propane with electronic ignition,
  • Propane with millivolt ignition,

although prices are very similar for all models.

Pentair Minimax Pool HeaterIf you just want to heat a smaller above ground pool or a spa the heating capacity of the MiniMax is ideal, there is no point in paying more than you need. As a guide if you have a 500 gallon pool this heater can raise the temperature up to twenty degrees in an hour. So even if you only heat the pool intermittently, maybe just at weekends, it will soon be ready for use.

The Pentair MiniMax heater is a compact self contained unit which is easy to install and maintain. Its key features are:

  • High thermal efficiency means less heat lost into the air thereby keeping costs as low as possible.
  • Patented thermostatic bypass valve minimizes calcium scaling and corrosion thereby maintaining the efficiency and prolonging the life of the heater.
  • Uses a proven burner system for trouble free operation.
  • Flow valve senses water flow and controls this to maximize heating efficiency.
  • Durable weather proof housing protects the heater from the elements.

It is also service friendly, quiet in operation and has user friendly controls.

The MiniMax 100 is the ideal way to keep your spa or above ground pool at the optimum comfortable temperature so that the whole family can enjoy the pool throughout the day and outside the normal swimming season.


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