Lochinvar EnergyRite Pool Heater

Lochinvar is a manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and pool heaters which was founded in 1946. They produce both commercial and residential pool heaters, the latter being the EnergyRite range.

The EnergyRite range comprises five low NOx gas heaters ranging from 150 – 400k BTU/hr. They are available for natural gas or propane (although the propane models are harder to find) and have a class leading efficiency of 88%. To see the product brochure Click Here.

LochinvarThe key selling points of these heaters are their fast heat-up time and their thermal efficiency. They also feature:

Built in floor shield – so you can locate the heater on any surface.

Easy venting options – so the heater can be located indoors or out.

Commercial grade heat exchanger – copper finned is standard but cupro nickel is an option.

Commercial grade cabinet and sealed combustion chamber – cabinet is long lasting and heater is windproof and keeps out wasps, spiders and other pests.

2 year warranty (3 years on heat exchanger).

lochinvar control


Service friendly control panel – provides easy temperature adjustment (separate settings for pool and spa) and troubleshooting in the event of any problems. It is also compatible with third party remote control systems.



Lochivar heaters have a good reputation and this is a quality heater with a high efficiency. It is however a bit more expensive than similar heaters, such as the Hayward H Series. If you feel that these heaters are worth the price there are available from our favorite suppliers including Pool Supply World.

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