How To Minimize Energy Usage

Having got your pool heater up and running you should follow the tips below to minimize energy usage. Avoid bad habits developing which waste energy and hence push up your heating bills.

  • Use a pool cover whenever the pool is not in use. A good cover can reduce heat loss by over 50% because it vastly reduces evaporation. This also means you will need less pool chemicals and the cover will also keep debris out of the pool.
  • Do all you can to protect your pool from the wind. Even a gentle breeze at 5mph can lower the pool temperature significantly (again the big enemy is evaporation) so money spent on landscaping can be a great investment.
  • Keep a thermometer in your pool. This will easily enable you to see how the pool feels at a given temperature and you will be able to discover the lowest comfortable temperature for the water.
  • Set the pool heater thermostat for this lowest comfortable temperature. Heating the water any more will be throwing away money. It is a good idea to mark the thermostat dial at your desired setting or stick a reminder near an electronic control to try and prevent any accidental over heating.
  • If the pool is not going to be used for a few days turn the heater down to 70 degrees. For any longer of period a gas heater should be turned off as it will be more cost effective to let the pool temperature drop and heat it back up later. A heat pump is more suited to continuous heating but if you are going away for a couple of weeks you should still turn it off.
  • If possible return the warmed water in at the bottom of the pool rather than at the surface. This will heat the pool more effectively and efficiently.
  • Make sure that your heater is properly maintained and serviced as recommended by the manufacturer.  Also make sure that it is kept free of debris at all times.

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