How Do I Choose Between Manufacturers?

Having decided on the type of pool heater you want you are still faced with choosing between many different models from the major manufacturers. You might ask – which is the best model? However there is no easy answer to this.

In many ways it is like looking at models of cars from different manufacturers and trying to chose between them. There are pluses and minuses for all of them but they will all get you from A To B and once you get used to any of them you will probably be quite happy. So you end up buying where you can get the best deal.

With pool heaters you are likely to be quite happy with any of the models from the major manufacturers although you might want to consider the following:

Price – are you looking for the best pool heater regardless of price or does “best” mean a good value for money compromise. For example there are some highly energy efficient gas heaters available but they are very expensive (see why) so a cheaper, less efficient, heater may be better value.

Efficiency – the energy efficiency of pool heaters varies and is usually related to price i.e. the higher the energy efficiency the higher the price.

Emissions – For gas heaters low NOx emissions are a requirement in some locations which rules out some of the cheaper heaters.

Salt – Some heaters can be used with salt chlorinated pools but others are recommended for freshwater pools only.

Location – Some pool heaters can be used at altitude without any problem whilst others require modification to work above a certain height. Some put more emphasis in their design on handling the elements so are more suitable for exposed locations.

Connectivity – Some heaters offer reversible connections which can make all the difference if the heater has to be installed in a difficult space. Indeed in this case the actual size and shape of the heater might be a factor.

Cooling – If you are buying a heat pump you will need to decide whether you want the option of switching it to cooling in hot weather.

Having considered the above factors you should have been able to narrow down your list of possible heaters to buy. You should then look at what deals are available taking into account the price, any delivery charge and the warranty offered.

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