Do You Really Need A Pool Heater?

I was reading an article recently about the pros and cons of installing a pool heater which made me think. On this site we are so busy looking at pool heaters and the issues surrounding them that it is easy to overlook the basic question –  do I really need a pool heater? Of course there is no easy answer to this as it depends on individual circumstances such as location and period of use required.

There is no doubt that a pool heater will allow you greater usage of your pool and therefore provide a better return on the large investment you have already made in the pool. It will also make using the pool more pleasant, even during the summer.

However against this there will be an additional cost of buying and running a pool heater (even a solar powered one) and additional maintenance work and cost if the pool is operational for longer. Only you can make that decision which is summed up nicely in that article:

Weigh the costs and benefits of having a heated pool before you buy one. Are you willing to spend a little extra time and money for a lot more fun? Think carefully – don’t just go diving off the deep end!

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