AquaCal TropiCal Heat Pumps

The TropiCal range are AquaCal’s economy range of heat pumps. They are aimed at owners of above-ground pools or small in-ground pools. For 2017 a new look was introduced but the specifications remained unchanged.

Compared to the HeatWave SuperQuiet range they are less powerful, smaller, lighter, a bit noisier and have a lower throughput. There is only a single thermostat but they are significantly less expensive.

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There are five 60Hz models outputting 51k, 72k, 96k, 112k and 132k BTU with a COP ranging from 5.4 up to 6.0. Click here to see the product brochure.

(There are also five 50Hz models which are less powerful.)TropiCal Heat Pump

All the models feature:

  • Lockable, flip-out control panel protected against weather
  • Microprocessor controlled automatic defrost which allows operation down to the mid to lower 40s fahrenheit
  • Impact resistant rust proof cabinet
  • R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Variable warranty on other parts depending on where you live – details here

However the patented ThermoLink heat exchanger is only fitted on the top models. The basic versions have a Tube in Tube heat exchanger.

If you are looking to heat a small pool the TropiCal may be ideal for you. It is designed to give optimum heat output in a small footprint whilst having a long operating life and being resistant to wear and tear. Yes it is an economy model, and doesn’t have all the advanced features you find in the HeatWave SuperQuiet range, but that is reflected in the price making it good value for money.

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