Hayward H100 Above Ground Pool Heater

The Hayward H100 is a natural gas or propane heater designed specifically for above-ground pools and spas. As a general guide it will suit a pool up to 24 x 16 feet.

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Installation of the heater is easy thanks to its CPVC plumbing capability which comes ready to plumb into your existing pool filtration system. The package comes with a 120V electric cord which can be plugged in anywhere which just leaves the gas side of things which must be left to a professional.

This pool heater features:Hayward H100 Pool Heater

  • electronic, direct spark ignition system and a rapid-heat combustion chamber which delivers optimum performance and extended life.
  • energy-efficient FireTile® lined combustion chamber that provides 81% thermal efficiency which keeps energy costs as low as possible.
  • an integral induced draft system which makes this heater completely impervious to any high wind situations.
  • a rust resistant water path with polymer header assembly which protects the unit from corrosion.
  • jet-ported Eugenox burners which provide long life and easy maintenance.
  • single piece copper header/heat exchanger which guarantees leak-free performance.

The Hayward H100 will allow you to enjoy your above ground pool even more. It will lets you swim, comfortably, long after your friends have abandoned their pools for the season. It will also lengthen your swimming day – so you can exercise early each morning, or entertain later each evening. To view the product brochure Click Here.

There are many very positive user reviews of this heater but also some poor ones (concerning reliability). Inevitably every heater gets some negative reviews but in this case the balance is slightly concerning.

Our recommended supplier is Pool Supply World because they offer competitive prices on these heaters which include shipping (which is a significant extra with many suppliers).

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Why Install A Pool Heater?

In these environmentally conscious times you may wonder if installing a swimming pool heater is a good idea. Isn’t it just wasting energy, being environmentally unfriendly and at the same time very expensive?

Certainly these points Pool Heatersneed to be considered but a pool heater can greatly increase your enjoyment of your pool (and the investment in it) by making it useable all day and extending the “swimming season”.

There can also be significant health benefits as swimming is very good exercise particularly for people who suffer from arthritis and muscular diseases. A heated pool also prevents chilling and the problems caused by the loss of too much body heat which can affect very young children and the elderly.

There are a number of steps you can take to minimize energy usage so that costs are controlled:

  • Type of Heater – This is probably the key decision. At present gas heaters (such as the Raypak Digital Heater) are the most common type but they can be expensive to run (particularly propane heaters). The best from an energy and running cost point of view are now electric heat pumps. Normal heaters can never be more than 100% efficient (gas heaters are about 80-90%) but heat pumps (such as Hayward Heat Pumps) can be several hundred percent efficient (i.e. you get several times more energy out than you put in) because they are not actually generating heat they are moving it from one place (the surrounding air) to another (the pool water). Heat pump heaters are not as powerful as gas heaters so need to run for longer periods but they are still much cheaper to run.
  • Pool Temperature – You want the water to be comfortable but don’t heat it any more than you need to. 78 degrees is often recommended.
  • Use a Pool Cover when the pool is not in use – This is essential as a pool cover can reduce heat loss by 50%. The key function of a pool cover is to stop evaporation as evaporation causes significant cooling. The cover will also help preserve pool chemicals.
  • Shelter the pool from wind – Even a gentle wind can lower the pool temperature significantly.
  • Proper Maintenance – Make sure the pool and its heating system is properly maintained.

If you follow the points above you will find that a pool heater is a very worthwhile investment.

Hayward H250 Pool Heater

The Hayward H250 is part of the Hayward H-Series Millivolt pool heaters range which may not represent the very latest in heating technology for swimming pools and spas but are still a good choice if you require a millivolt heater (if there is no electricity supply).

To purchase the Hayward H250 from Aqua Swimming Pool Supplies – Click Here.

NOTE – This page relates to the Hayward H Series Millivolt Heaters. If you are looking for the Hayward Universal H Series low NOx, including the H250FD, please Click Here.

To see the Hayward brochure Click Here (there is a small section on the millivolt heaters towards the end – note this is not the current brochure for the Universal H Series).

H-Series Millivolt heaters are gas heaters (models for natural gas and propane) and are easy to install and maintain, thanks to their low profile, light weight and CPVC plumbing capabilities. Hayward have been reducing the number of medels available in this range and presently only list one but you can still buy the full range from 150 – 400k BTU/hr. Of course these are not low NOx so will not be allowed in some locations.

The Hayward H-Series Millivolt heaters include a wealth of features to deliver precise water temperature control and achieve the ideal swimming pool and spa comfort level. They are also built to last.

Features include:Hayward H250 Pool Heater

  • Single header “V” baffle design heat exchangers which facilitate long life, fast heating and virtually no condensation.
  • Heat exchangers constructed with highly resilient Cupro Nickel for greater durability and longevity.
  • Rust resistant water path with injection-molded polymer header. This provides improved by-pass control and extends life by providing additional protection from the damaging effects of corrosion from high flow conditions and from occasional pool chemical imbalances, making the unit ideal for salt-chlorinated pools.
  • Burner system constructed of stainless steel and can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Together, these added technological improvements ensure that your Hayward heater outperforms and outlasts expectations. However, it has to be said that Millivolt heaters are old technology and are not allowed in some states. You would only buy one if it would be prohibitably expensive to install an electricity supply.

These heaters are not widely available. However we did find a good range at Aqua Swimming Pool Supplies (February 2018). To see their prices click the link below:

CLICK HERE to see prices for the H-Series Millivolt heaters


Other Hayward Pool Heaters.

Raypak Millivolt Pool Heater

The Raypak Millivolt heaters are versions of the Raypak Digital Heater for use where it is not possible or not practical to run an electricity supply to the heater. If at all possible it is best to use the Digital heater but if you need a millivolt heater look no further than this model from Raypak.

Click this link to order a  Raypak Millivolt heater from Specialty Pool Products.

The Millivolt pool heater is the same as the Raypak Digital Heater except for the ignition and control systems.

  • The ignition system comprises a constant pilot, sitting just below a small generator. The heat from the pilot flame generates a small amount of electricity measured in millivolts (thousands of a volt). This trickle of power is then used to operate the rest of the system.
  • The control system is a simple mechanical thermostat which you just set to the required temperature and forget.

This has the following disadvantages:

  • A small amount of gas is always being used.
  • Temperature control is not as accurate as in electronic models.
  • No operating/troubleshooting information is available as it is with electronic models.
  • The pilot can go out in windy conditions.
  • Not low NOx so cannot be used where this is a requirement.
  • Not allowed in some locations with natural gas.

However, apart from the above the Millivolt heater shares all the advantages of the Digital Heater such as:

The advanced design – the whole design of this gas swimming pool and spa heater, inside and outside, was engineered to stand the test of time.  Aside from the aesthetics of the heater’s design which compliments most of the latest pool designs, the original pagoda top design keeps the heater operational even in extreme weather conditions.

Weatherproof cabinet – The heater has a polyester coated, non-corrosive cabinet more durable than waterborne coated metal cabinets.  Beneath the hard and gorgeous exterior galvanized metal can be found which provides greater rust prevention and years of durable usage.Raypak Digital Heater

Polymer headers – Raypak’s state of the art engineering used 3-D computer designs to engineer the unit for optimum performance.  Polymer resin headers prevent rust from harming your pools surface giving you worry free swimming all year round.

Long Lasting – The burner tray is built to last for many years, from the stainless steel burners to the aluminized metal utilized in heat sensitive areas.  Should anything happen to the burners they can be quickly and easily serviced.  The ceramic fiber combustion box keeps the Raypak 2100 Millivolt heater efficiently running and keeps the outside jacket cool.  By utilizing space age materials the heater prevents build up of left over heat after being turned off.

With all these features, you may ask if whether or not the heater is fuel efficient.  The answer is yes at 82% they are much the same as other heaters at this price.

Considering purchasing a Raypak Millivolt heater? See the full range at Specialty Pool Products.

Other Raypak Pool Heaters.

Raypak RP2100 Digital Heater – Tells You What Is Happening

The Raypak RP2100 was replaced by the current model, commonly known as the Raypak Digital Heater, a few years ago (but the RP2100 name is still commonly used). The popular standard range offers four power levels ranging from approx. 200 – 400k BTU for use with natural gas or propane and has an energy efficiency of 82%. The standard models have a copper heat exchanger but there is a Cupro-Nickel option to cope with adverse pool chemistry. There are also ASME approved models for non-residential applications.

As you might expect from its name the Raypak Digital Heater provides a sophisticated control panel Raypak Digital Control Paneland electronic ignition. This requires a mains electricity connection but to cover cases where this is not possible there is a Millivolt version (see Raypak Millivolt Heater) but this can only offer basic controls.

The standard models are not suitable where low NOx levels are a requirement but there are versions of this heater which are low NOx (they cost a bit more) but these are only for use with natural gas.

To see the product brochure Click Here.

Click this link to purchase a Raypak Digital Heater from Pool Supply World.

This Raypak pool heater will help you enjoy your pool at any time of the year. It features a microprocessor based thermostat control.  This control allows you to set your pool temperature exactly at your preferred setting by just pressing an up or down temperature control key. The digital display lets you see a constant reading of your pool’s water temperature. You just need to set it and forget it. It is that simple.Raypak Digital Heater RP2100

Maintaining or troubleshooting this pool heater is made easy. Its diagnostic controls let you and your pool technician know what is exactly going on with the heater, all the time. If you encounter a problem with the heater, the digital display will reveal to you where the problem is. An additional benefit is that this heater is compatible with most major brand remote control systems on the market.

The Raypak Digital Heater has the best outdoor design out there in the market today. With over 50 years under their belt in building and designing gas heaters, Raypak have put all their experience into this heater design. Fans are no longer needed to prevent drafting problems, This heater was designed for the outdoors and has an exclusive low profile design. A lot of thought and planning has been put into the heater’s design so that it can protect itself from the environment and prevent itself from being smothered by  falling leaves, wind, airborne debris, rain, downdrafts, updrafts, sleet, and snow.

Raypak Digital Pool Heaters were designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and ensure uninterrupted heating performance. They are manufactured at an ISO 9001 registered manufacturing plant. The pool heaters are tested by CSA to the ANSI Z21.56 standards. This demonstrates the quality that these heaters deliver and why it is that they are one of the leaders in market. The Raypak assembly process includes six final assembly quality control checkpoints that ensure that each and every pool heater delivers its peak performance.

The standard models feature a Copper Fin Tube heat exchanger although Cupro nickel is available as an upgrade if needed. Protection against condensation,sooting and scale build-up is provided by the Unitherm Governor which balances the water temperature/flow. The heater is capable of handling a flow rate up to 125 GPM.

For most residential installations the standard Copper Fin Tube heat exchangers will be the best (and cheapest) option and the Digital Heater is definitely preferable to the Millivolt version. The heater is not “state of the art” but it does offer a lot for the price and is popular with users.

We recommend our favorite supplier Pool Supply World who carry a large range at good prices (and also quote for models for use over 2000ft) with free delivery and a 5 star service.

Laars Lite 2 – Compact Pool Heaters

[Note: This heater is no longer available and was replaced a few years ago by the Legacy model]

The Laars Lite 2 pool heater is a technologically advanced piece of equipment that is lightweight, energy efficient, and very dependable.

The Laars Lite 2  utilizes a ceramic combustion chamber that makes for more efficient heat transfer and also makes the heater smaller and lighter than most pool heaters around. Jandy Laars is a renowned expert in pool heater technology and have added a new design and made advancements to the technology in these pool heaters.

The Laars Lite is easily programmable, which makes your stay at the pool a lot more fun and enjoyable. It features a liquid crystal digital display with programmable pump control, dual temperature controls, built-in freeze protection and heater diagnostic. These pool heaters are built for stability and efficiency,  making them one of the most reliable pool heaters out there.  They deliver high-performance insulation and efficient operation making these heaters excellent value.

These heaters are self-cleaning with a hot surface ignition which allows for fast start-up all the time. This feature also prevents dirt from forming.  The unit also uses a ceramic combustion chamber that makes the unit more lightweight and compact.  There is a copper heat exchanger and Flo-Thru baffles that will allow for efficient heat transfer which lowers your energy usage and thus lowering your overall pool heat costs. Laars Lite Pool Heater (now discontinued)

Other benefits of these pool heaters include easy installation since the unit is 30% lighter than most pool heaters and its predecessors.  The unit also has Storm Guard.  It is a weather resistant jacketing system designed to withstand harsh rains and strong winds. A Vent cap also enhances the performance of the unit in harsh weather conditions. Since the unit’s combustion chamber is made up of ceramic fiber, aside from being more lightweight and compact, the unit also is made of tough strands of insulation like material which never allows the unit to crumble or crack. This heater does not require burner tray removal as the igniter can easily be replaced with one screw.

Advanced technology inside the Laars Lite 2 pool heaters keeps the water clean and clear.  You don’t have to worry about the unit causing the pool water to be dirty. This model is being used by millions of customers and clients worldwide, either for personal or commercial use.  The unit has undergone more than a year of meticulous field tests, the unit has even undergone environmental and military tests.  This has made Jandy-Laars market leader in the industry of pool heaters.

This reliable pool heater is still available and to order now via Amazon Click Here.

Jandy Laars Legacy

However it has now been replaced by the Legacy Model available with either Electronic Ignition or Millivolt Standing Pilot. Legacy Heaters are built to be energy efficient and reliable and are loaded with technologically-advanced, user-friendly features.

To find out more about the Jandy Laars Legacy Pool Heater  Click Here.


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