Laars Lite 2 – Compact Pool Heaters

[Note: This heater is no longer available and was replaced a few years ago by the Legacy model]

The Laars Lite 2 pool heater is a technologically advanced piece of equipment that is lightweight, energy efficient, and very dependable.

The Laars Lite 2  utilizes a ceramic combustion chamber that makes for more efficient heat transfer and also makes the heater smaller and lighter than most pool heaters around. Jandy Laars is a renowned expert in pool heater technology and have added a new design and made advancements to the technology in these pool heaters.

The Laars Lite is easily programmable, which makes your stay at the pool a lot more fun and enjoyable. It features a liquid crystal digital display with programmable pump control, dual temperature controls, built-in freeze protection and heater diagnostic. These pool heaters are built for stability and efficiency,  making them one of the most reliable pool heaters out there.  They deliver high-performance insulation and efficient operation making these heaters excellent value.

These heaters are self-cleaning with a hot surface ignition which allows for fast start-up all the time. This feature also prevents dirt from forming.  The unit also uses a ceramic combustion chamber that makes the unit more lightweight and compact.  There is a copper heat exchanger and Flo-Thru baffles that will allow for efficient heat transfer which lowers your energy usage and thus lowering your overall pool heat costs. Laars Lite Pool Heater (now discontinued)

Other benefits of these pool heaters include easy installation since the unit is 30% lighter than most pool heaters and its predecessors.  The unit also has Storm Guard.  It is a weather resistant jacketing system designed to withstand harsh rains and strong winds. A Vent cap also enhances the performance of the unit in harsh weather conditions. Since the unit’s combustion chamber is made up of ceramic fiber, aside from being more lightweight and compact, the unit also is made of tough strands of insulation like material which never allows the unit to crumble or crack. This heater does not require burner tray removal as the igniter can easily be replaced with one screw.

Advanced technology inside the Laars Lite 2 pool heaters keeps the water clean and clear.  You don’t have to worry about the unit causing the pool water to be dirty. This model is being used by millions of customers and clients worldwide, either for personal or commercial use.  The unit has undergone more than a year of meticulous field tests, the unit has even undergone environmental and military tests.  This has made Jandy-Laars market leader in the industry of pool heaters.

This reliable pool heater is still available and to order now via Amazon Click Here.

Jandy Laars Legacy

However it has now been replaced by the Legacy Model available with either Electronic Ignition or Millivolt Standing Pilot. Legacy Heaters are built to be energy efficient and reliable and are loaded with technologically-advanced, user-friendly features.

To find out more about the Jandy Laars Legacy Pool Heater  Click Here.


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