Jandy LXi – Low NOx Pool Heater

The Jandy LXi range of gas powered pool heaters are a step up from the Legacy range in that they are more technologically advanced and hence more efficient and environmentally friendly. They all feature electronic ignition and low NOx, fan-assisted combustion.

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The  LXi series has models which use either natural gas or Propane with power levels of 250k and 400k BTU (power levels between these have been discontinued). These heaters make sure that you take full advantage of the reasons why you built a pool in the first place. You will be able to to continue using the pool  even when the normal swimming season is over, so you and your family will be able enjoy your pool or spa even more. These heaters are highly efficient at 88% and exceed environmental standards for NOx emissions.

They are designed with a lustrous external look for its cabinet which includes an exclusive digital control that is highly commended because of  the unit’s user friendly graphical interface.  The simple control gives you the ability to run complete diagnostics, in fact the unit will tell you if there is a problem, you can set the specific temperature that you want, or switch from pool mode to spa mode at a simple touch of a button.

It integrates a fan supported controlled combustion that practically eliminates any occurrence of downdrafts. Putting together the most advanced features in every aspect of pool heaters, from the superb hydraulic design, lightweight yet strong composite material, to a technologically advanced control system, the Jandy LXi pool heater brings the future of pool heaters right into your own pool or spa.  The header is created from a corrosion-resistant polymer that was engineered for greater flow capability. Jandy LXi Pool Heater

Since the LXi does not have any tiles, this makes the pool heater very light. It is is among the easiest heaters to install as it is 33% lighter, with a 15% smaller footprint compared to its predecessors.  Such an ergonomic design will remove any worry of eating up too much space and having to carry around and install a large pool heater. The polymer header helps in improving the entire circulation system efficiency of the pool heater. It features a high efficiency heat exchanger making it one of the most efficient heaters on the market thereby keeping operating costs down. As a consumer looking for optimum performance in pool heaters, you can always count on this Jandy pool heater.  To see the product brochure (not up to date) Click Here.

Coming from a recognized name worldwide in pool heater systems and technology, the Jandy LXi is a quality product that was built for high performance.   The features assure you of a longer and extended usage of the product and this pool heater is testament as to why Jandy Laars is still the number one choice among today’s pool owners. I have seen few independent reviews of this heater but those I have seen have been good.

Although Jandy have reduced the number of models in this range you can still find models with Bronze headers instead of Polymer and Cupro Nickel heat exchangers instead of Copper. But the basic options are:

LXI250N or LXI400N (N= Natural Gas)

LXI250P or LXI400P (P=Propane)

These heaters are widely available. We recommend Pool Supply World who combine good prices with free delivery and first class service.

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