Jandy Legacy Pool Heater

The Legacy was Jandy’s only heater which was not low NOx rated and as such the only one available in a millivolt version. These heaters are increasingly difficult to find and are not available from any of the major suppliers. As such we have not included any link to purchase these heaters.

The Jandy Legacy pool heaters are available with five input power capacities ranging from 125k – 400k BTU/hr and use either propane or natural gas and have an efficiency rating of 83%.

Jandy Legacy HeaterThese pool heaters are energy efficient (but not as efficient as the more expensive Jandy pool heaters). They are, however, built to last, are user friendly and provide good value for money.

Features include:

  • Ceramic fibre combustion chamber for lightweight, compact design. So space should not be a problem when installing this heater.
  • Copper heat exchanger and Flo-Thru baffles provide efficient heat transfer minimizing the energy needed to heat your pool.
  • Polymer headers with CPVC universal union connections. These can be on either side for ease of installation along with the gas and electric connections, ideal where you are replacing an existing heater.

Jandy Legacy Electronic Model

Jandy Legacy Electronic Control Panel

  • Reliable hot surface ignition to provide trouble free operation even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Advanced Digital Control allows different temperature settings for pool and spa.
  • Self diagnostics – so you don’t need an expert to find any problems.

Jandy Legacy Millivolt Model

Laars Legacy Millivolt Control Panel

  • Standing Pilot Ignition.
  • Single Mechanical thermostat to allow setting of pool/spa temperature.
  • Easy on/off switch.

See Product Brochure for more information.

If you are looking for a pool heater which is good value, reliable, compact and will work in any conditions then the Jandy Legacy heater could be for you. You can get more efficient pool heaters and ones that are low NOx certified but these cost more.


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