Jandy JE Heat Pumps

Launched in 2013, Jandy’s premium Pool Heat Pump range aims to deliver maximum energy efficiency and reliability.

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There are eight models in the range:

  • JE1500T – The base models outputs 72k BTU with a COP of 5.5. It has a titanium heat exchanger but it is not the “high flow” version used in the other models. It also has a reciprocating compressor rather than the scroll compressor used on the other models.
  • JE2000T – This outputs 108k BTU with a COP of 6. The increased efficiency reflects the fact that it has the superior hydraulic flow which is a key selling point of the range but is omitted from the base model.
  • JE2500T/JE2500T3 – These output 119k BTU with a COP of 6.2. Available to use a one or three phase supply.
  • JE3000T/T3 – These output 137k BTU with a COP of 6.3. Available to use a one or three phase supply.
  • JE300TR/TR3 – As above but with a reverse function for cooling the pool.

All models feature:Jandy JE

  • Proprietary titanium heat exchanger for maximum efficiency.
  • Dual Thermostats (pool and spa).
  • Advanced digital control including self diagnostics (multilingual capability).
  • Compatible with iAquaLink so you can control the heater from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Versa Plumb Ready – providing 50% more hydraulic efficiency for maximum energy savings.
  • All use environmentally friendly 410 refrigerant.

Click Here to see the 1500-2500 basic product brochure or Click Here to see the 3000 product brochure.

A heat pump is the most efficient way of heating a pool and although they cost more they last longer than gas heaters. The Jandy JE is described as a “premium” product and clearly uses the latest technology. User reviews of these heat pumps are very difficult to find but given that Jandy/Zodiac have been in this business a long time, and their previous heat pumps have been popular, it is likely that the JE range will also be a good buy.

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