Jandy Hi-E2 – A Top Quality Pool Heater

The Jandy Hi-E2 (sometimes known as the Zodiac Hi-E2) pool heater is an excellent product that has been described as “the best pool heater money can buy”. It is certainly impressive but it must be said that it has a price to match. It is a 350k BTU/hr gas heater for either natural gas or propane.

The most striking thing in the specifications for the Hi-E2 is its incredible energy efficiency rating of 95%, which is way ahead of any other gas heater. This makes it significantly cheaper to run. It is also low NOx so it meets all environmental standards for NOx emissions.

Most versions of this heater are ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified which means they can be used in commercial as well as residential applications (commercial includes pools in condominium and apartment buildings). Normally ASME versions of a pool heater are more expensive but here you are getting a product designed to stand up to more rigorous  commercial use.Jandy Hi-E2 Pool Heater

In fact the second major feature of this pool heater is that it is specifically designed for low maintenance and long life so it is ideal for use in extreme weather and in difficult or unusual locations. Features include:

  • Unique Forced-Air system which enables the heater to operate in extreme weather conditions are in difficult locations.
  • The combustion system does not require modification to operate at high levels. The efficiency is maintained but the heating capacity is reduced by about 3% per 1000 feet above sea level.
  • Heavy duty construction and high tech composite materials make the heater corrosion resistant , durable and dependable.
  • Self cleaning ignition, automatic venting and high velocity heat exchanger mean hassle free operation and reliability.
  • Dual thermostat means the heater can work with a pool and a spa.

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The Jandy Hi-E2 is a commercial quality heater which is now available for residential use. It is built to last and should be still working years after its competitors have needed replacement. Its energy efficiency is remarkable so there will be a significant saving on gas (30% according to Jandy). However the price is more like that of a commercial pool heater and, whilst it is an excellent product, you have to balance the long term savings against the up-front cost.

At the time of writing (March 2018) it has become dificult to find these heaters although they are part of the current Jandy range. Our usual recommended suppliers do not have them in stock so the link below is to a site we have no relationship with.

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