Jandy EE-Ti Heat Pump – Affordable And Reliable

Note: February 2016 – This range of heat pumps was discontinued over a year ago.

A Jandy EE-Ti Heat Pump gives you the flexibility of warming your pool in the many months before and after your normal swimming season.  These Heat Pumps are amongst the most reliable and sturdy units out on the market today.

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We have to accept that nothing beats a gas heater for bringing your pool up to your preferred temperature quickly.  However, you have to remember that it can be expensive.  Gas heaters run on expensive gas lines, or are installed with an unpleasant propane storage tank. Heat Pumps run on electricity and emit zero pollutants. They do not actually generate heat, they work by extracting heat from the air and transferring it to the water. As a result, in terms of energy consumed to energy output, they can be well over 100% efficient, making them the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way of heating a pool.Jandy Heat Pumps

Installing a Jandy EE-Ti (Air Energy) Heat Pump will save you money compared to a gas heater installation and will be cheaper, quieter and more efficient to run.

These heat pumps are designed to meet the exact needs of the pool owner, aficionado or professional alike. They provide a rich feature entry level heat pump, and the units provides sound and reliable performance at a very affordable cost.

Every model comes with a standard titanium heat exchanger (with lifetime warranty) which maximizes heat transfer, Air Defrost which allows the heat pump to operate at lower air temperatures and a Maintain Temperature feature which keeps water at a set point temperature automatically, 24 hours per day.

The control panel is detachable so can be moved to wherever is most convenient and addition units can be purchased so the heat pump can be controlled from multiple locations.

The Jandy EE-Ti heat pumps are available in four capacities ranging from the 80k BTU EE1500T thru to the 140k BTU EE3000T.  There are 11 variations based on these 4 basic models offering use of a 3 phase electricity supply and/or a reverse function with Chiller/Hot Gas Defrost. The latter allows the unit to work in cold conditions (as low as 38 degrees) and also to work in reverse and chill the pool in summer.

Please also see our separate post on Pool Heat Pumps which looks at how they work and how their efficiency is measured.

All Jandy Heat Pumps feature a commercial grade compressor that will stand up to harsh outdoor locations for years. This is helped by the rugged polymer cabinet that will not rust or corrode wherever it is located.

Jandy has been in the swimming pool heating business for a long time.  You can buy with confidence knowing that you are getting a quality and reliable heat pump.  You can be rest assured that the Jandy heat pump you purchase today will stand the test of time and allows you to continuously enjoy your pool, all year round.

As noted above these heat pumps have been discontinued and are not as widely available as they previously were. At the time of writing Pool Supply World are still carrying a limited stock and they offer free delivery and a 5 star service.


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