Hayward Heat Pump Pool Heater Review

HP50TA For Above Ground Pools

This Hayward heat pump is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool. It is a 50K BTU model suitable for pools up to 13k gallons.

To purchase a Hayward Heat Pump HP50TA (for above ground pools) from “In The Swim” (Nov 19 – No longer available.)

If you just look at the output Hayward heat pumps are considerably more expensive than gas models but they are used in a different Hayward HP50 Heat Pumpway. (See our post on Pool Heat Pumps)

These heat pumps need a 220 volt 30 amp electricity supply and because the output is lower than that of a gas heater they need to operate for a longer time to accomplish the desired results. Occasionally, it may be necessary to run the heat pump for up to 24 hours per day. But don’t worry about this because the heater is designed to operate continuously. What’s more, despite continuous operation, it will still heat your pool far more economically than other types of heater.

The HP50TA uses an electronic temperature control keeping your pool water within 0.5 degrees F of the desired temperature for maximum efficiency.

It features a titanium heat exchanger which provides a high resistance to chemicals and the elements. In addition the cabinet and protective grill are resistant to vibrations, harsh winter conditions and UV rays. All this serves to make the unit as durable as possible.

The unit utilizes a special type of compressor which is three times quieter than the standard type.  It also has a special design of fan which increases the airflow whilst reducing noise and electricity usage. This means that the Hayward heat pump will run quietly and economically and, even if in use for long periods, will not be intrusive. Click Here to see the product brochure.

Hayward builds high performance, quality and reliability into every heat pump with a titanium heat exchanger, quiet operation and easy installation for years of swimming comfort. User reviews for the model are good.

Hayward HeatPro Range For In-ground Pools

The range comprises eight models ranging from 95k to 140k BTU with a COP of 5.7 (measured at 80 degrees air/water and 80% relative humidity). They all feature electronic temperature control and dual thermostat, so you can heat both a pool and spa. The smaller model requires a 38 amp supply and the others a 42 amp supply. Two of the models can also cool a pool in hot weather. The range was last revised for 2016 and includes round and square models. To see the product brochure – Click Here.

To purchase a HeatPro Heat Pump from Pool Supply World – Click Here.

The key features of these heat pumps are:Hayway Heatpro heat pump

  • Quiet Operation – Special fan design improves airflow whilst operating quietly. The acoustic compressor cover further reduces noise.
  • Corrosion Resistant – The Ultra Gold corrosion resistant coated evaporator coil fin gives increased durability near the coast or other corrosive environment. Plus the injection molded shell is resistant to UV, rust and deterioration in general.
  • Trouble Free Operation – The titanium heat exchanger is designed to ensure trouble free operation even in harsh conditions.
  • Digital Control Panel – Easy to use digital display with continuous pool temperature display, temperature set point lock and self diagnostic facility.
  • Easy Installation and Servicing – The unit has a compact footprint, simple plumbing connections and is designed for easy access for servicing.heatpro square

If a heat pump is suitable for your needs the Hayward HeatPro range is a good choice both in a new installation or to replace an existing heater. It should help you to enjoy your pool for many years to come. As with the HP50TA above, user reviews for this range of heat pumps are good.

Our favorite supplier – Pool Supply World – carries the full range. Their service is good and their prices  (taking shipping into account – which they include) are always close to the best.

Summit Heat Pumps

Summit was acquired by Hayward in 2008 but they continued to sell these heat pumps under the Summit brand until 2015. You do occasionally still see them for sale so I have left this information here. The current Summit heat pumps are aimed at the trade only.

There are 4 models ranging from 65 – 140k BTU with a COP of 6.0 – 6.2 (at 80-80-80). In terms of specification they are very similar to the Hayward HeatPro but cost a bit more.

The Summit brand suggests higher quality and this is backed up with claims such as “ All the Summit heater parts and accessories are superior in quality….”.  Hayward Summit Heat Pump

The key features are much the same as these of the HeatPro:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Electronic Controls

Plus: a thermostatic expansion valve which delivers the correct amount of refrigerant for optimal performance. This maximizes performance in low

Reviews of the Summit heat pumps are difficult to find but generally seem to be good. There was little change to the range since Hayward’s involvement so at least it is a tried and tested product. It did seem that Hayward were competing with themselves here and Summit does not feature in the current range but these heat pumps can still be found for sale.

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